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South BC developer scraps subdivision plan, oil and gas company - KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather & Sports

WFXG logo Rivers claimed that he received in total $12,000 monthly in rent from Rolling Hills and that he was risking two months of that income to begin the process of platting the area. He pleaded with the board to approve the zoning change to I-2. Zone it today and give me a chance to market it. I will take the chance of losing $12,000 a month for sixty days, before even having a chance to discuss with commercial tenants, Rivers said. Granting the zoning (change) tells us and potential clients what we can put in there, Lombardi said. Staff has worked with applicant for the past four months. This will go in stages, rezoning, platting and future land use, the county planner said. Commissioner Stephens looking at the sketch plat as presented, flatly stated this will not work. There are three steps in the platting process a sketch, preliminary and final plat. I am not at all comfortable today approving this zoning, Commissioner Stewart said.

Sussex Borough to send utility sale to referendum | Vernon NJ | Local News

In order to go forward, Council President Marina Krynicky proposed a special meeting with Aqua to answer all the questions. She also offered that some towns prevent rate increases in their contracts for a certain number of years. The special workshop was scheduled for Tuesday, July 22. No action was expected to be taken Action will then be taken at the July 29th meeting at 7:30 p.m. Both passed 4-2 with the same split. Lagattuta read a statement of three facts saying: The utility should be owned and operated by a knowledgeable company, under the state government. Utility rates would be increased next year if the plant is not sold. The borough's 500 sewer and 700 water users would be responsible for necessary projects which will cost $1.5$2.5 million. The borough never received an offer of $11.4 million and may not see one like it in the future. "This is probably one of the most important turning points in our borough's history, and we should not squander the opportunity that has been given to us," Lagattuta said.

However, those neighbors are now excited to find out those plans have been thrown out by the developer. The Bossier City Council passed an ordinance Jan. 21 to "abandon the streets right-of-way and to abolish and abandon the Victoria Place Subdivision as originally recorded into the records of Bossier Parish." "We were happy that, yes, it was going away," said Van Hutches, who has lived in the Plantation Trace subdivision for 25 years. "We wouldn't have had any problem with an additional bunch of neighbors, it was just the congestion that would form from it." A spokesperson for developer The go!! Lucky Company, did confirm the land was sold to an oil and gas company, but wouldn't confirm which one because the sale is pending litigation. Neighbors have mixed feelings about the new plan. "As far as servicing a gas well, there are one or two trucks a day going in and out and that wouldn't be a problem," said Hutches. Al Noguera has lived in Plantation Trace for 20 years. He didn't like the old plan for the subdivision and doesn't like the new one either. "Because I know there is going to be a lot of noise, there's going to be a big wall destroying my beautiful view," he said. However, there is one thing both men can agree on about the situation: the land cleared for development purposes. "To see all of those old pecan trees torn down and burned, it just hurts your feelings," said Hutches.

US auto sales sizzle in July, helped by discounts - Yahoo News

That's already happening in the car segment. Buyers are paying an average of $1,000 less for a Ford Fusion sedan than they did a year ago, he said. But SUV and truck demand remains strong, and so do prices. Overall, he said, buyers are still paying $800 more per vehicle than they did last year. That's because even with discounting, more people are choosing pricier SUVs and loading them up with features. Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst at AutoTrader.com, said unlike a decade ago, when automakers had to use across-the-board discounts because they were producing too many vehicles, they're now being more strategic with discounts. "There's intense competition for a pie that's not growing," she said. But automakers are more profitable, so they can afford to give a little, she said. Chrysler's U.S. sales jumped 20 percent to 140,102 for the month on strong demand for the Ram pickup, which was up 14 percent, and the new Jeep Cherokee small SUV.

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