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John Fox Released From Hospital

Confusion over race hindered search for hospital patient found dead

Hospital employee stepped over body of missing patient, reports say Fox also released a statement, providing an update on his condition: "My recovery is progressing well -- I am feeling better and getting stronger each day. I will begin the next phase of my recovery in Charlotte and continue outpatient appointments with doctors, who will clear me to return to Denver when the time is right. Although I'm eager to return to coaching, my No. 1 focus is my health. I believe in our players and have full confidence in Jack Del Rio and our staff." Del Rio, knowing Fox's affinity for his cellphone and for not usually sitting still, added with a smile; "I'm not sure [wife] Robin is as excited, but it's obviously great news.'' Asked if Fox, who still has a home in the Charlotte area after being Panthers coach for nine seasons, had any restrictions at this point about how much interaction he could have with the team, Del Rio said: "I really don't know about a lot of that other than he obviously went through quite a bit and he's on the road to recovery. "The first step is getting out of that hospital. That's a big one for him and I'm sure he's glad to be at home resting and recovering, and he'll join us as soon as he can.'" Del Rio added he now expected to talk to Fox "almost on a daily basis," even though Fox is not yet able to travel to Denver. Fox is on leave of absence after experiencing dizziness and light-headedness during a round of golf Saturday. After being taken to a hospital for a battery of tests, doctors scheduled Fox's surgery to replace his aortic valve for Monday.
Source: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9946629/denver-broncos-coach-john-fox-hospital

Hot_Read_NFL 131106 - Index [203x114] Still, because Spalding was not on a psychiatric hold, she was not formally considered a missing person by deputies at the hospital, who were on the lookout and said that if they saw her they'd bring her back. But they weren't systematically searching for her. Spalding's daughter contacted the San Francisco Police Department, which launched the missing person case. The search was further stymied by surveillance system hardware issues that prompted an eight-day delay in providing video to police that might have shown Spalding leaving the facility. Meanwhile, a search of the "entire campus" by deputies, which hospital officials requested Sept. 30, "did not include all stairwells," Mirkarimi said. Although it resumed the following day, "only about half the stairwells were searched." The last contact with deputies came on the morning of Oct. 4, when a member of the hospital's medical staff called to say "someone had told the staff person that there was somebody laying on the landing in the 3rd or 4th floor of stairwell 8." "The communications center staff responded, 'We'll look into it,' " the findings state. "There is no indication that anyone was dispatched to the exterior stairwell." Spalding's body was found there four days later.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-patient-stairwell-20131107,0,7403283.story

Jury Convicts Husband in Ohio Hospital Shooting

The provincial hospital has been operating on a provisional license that would expire in December unless it shows the government that it can function as a tertiary hospital in a new facility, Baguilat said. The investigation should be completed within a month to give the government time to enforce remedies or employ alternative solutions before the hospital loses its license, he said. In an Oct. 14 resolution, the Ifugao provincial board urged Gov. Denis Habawel to suspend work on the new hospital building on the request of Jonas Kinakin, Poblacion North barangay captain, who complained in August that a concrete gutter mounted by the contractor had collapsed. Resolution No. 2013-58 cites testimonies from the provincial monitoring team and the boards observations following a site inspection in September, when it enumerated 10 structural defects it wanted investigated by experts. A report from the office of the provincial engineer also said assorted lumber scraps, cement bag paper and boulders were discovered [to have been] used as part of the concrete filler in one of the cement pouring sections on Oct. 5. This was part of a list of violations allegedly made by the contractor in the course of work from March 5 to Oct.
Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/524749/ifugao-hospital-construction-stopped

Ifugao hospital construction stopped

COYNE Associated Press An Ohio man who said he fatally shot his hospitalized wife out of love because of her debilitated condition that left her unable to speak, was convicted by a jury on Friday and could face life in prison. Police say John Wise, 68, calmly walked into Barbara Wise's hospital room on Aug. 4, 2012, and shot her at her bedside. She died the next day. Barbara Wise, 65, was in the intensive care unit at Akron General Medical Center after suffering triple cerebral aneurysms that had left her unable to speak, a family friend has said. Wise testified that he couldn't stand to see his wife of 45 years in pain in the hospital. "She opened her eyes and looked at me like she was in pain and a tear rolled down her cheek," Wise told the jury this week. "I decided then what I was going to do." Hours later he returned to the hospital with a gun. "My recollection is that I walked in there, and within two minutes, I kissed her on the cheek and shot her," he said.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/jury-deliberates-case-ohio-man-shot-wife-20832122

Workers reassigned in wake of San Francisco hospital death

The transfers came Wednesday, he said, the same day that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi revealed breakdowns in the department's response to the disappearance of 57-year-old Lynne Spalding. Seven deputies and institutional officers have also been transferred into the hospital's security detail, Nicco says. Spalding was found Oct. 8 by a building engineer, 17 days after she was first reported missing from her hospital room, where she was being treated for a bladder infection. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the reassigned dispatcher had promised, "We'll take care of it" -- but apparently did nothing -- when a hospital staffer called Oct. 4 to report seeing someone in the stairwell. Mirkarimi acknowledged Wednesday that there was "no indication" that anyone was ever dispatched to the stairwell after that report. It was not immediately clear what role the sergeant and two senior deputies who were also transferred had in the matter. Nicco said the transfers are not considered disciplinary and that no employees have been notified of any misconduct charges. Mirkarimi also announced Wednesday that he would assign a new commander to the hospital security detail -- Capt.
Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_24491345/workers-reassigned-wake-san-francisco-hospital-death

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