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Case Of Missing Florida School Nurse Now A Homicide Probe After Body Found

Genene Jones Update: Texas DA meets with moms fighting to keep the "killer nurse" behind bars

Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office said the case has developed into a homicide investigation after the body of the mother of three was found in a remote sugar cane field Wednesday. Police say there had been a violent confrontation at Lindseys home before her body was removed and dumped 85 miles away. Lindsey, 49, was last seen Sunday and gave no indication that anything was wrong in a text message to her daughter that night. She had recently returned home from a trip out of town. She was reported missing Monday after failing to show for work at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. Authorities arrived at her home and found her vehicle as well as other personal items in the home. It breaks our hearts to have to write this, but our mom has passed away, Lindseys daughters posted on a Facebook page dedicated to finding her. There are no words to describe how we feel. This is an extremely tough time for us but we will try to stay Kim strong. Thank you everyone for all your help in the search, and please keep Kim alive in your hearts.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/11/03/case-missing-florida-school-nurse-now-homicide-probe-after-body-found/

JFK anniversary: Nurse recalls feeling for President Kennedy's vital signs in hospital after shooting

But there are records for both types of exams on June 2, 2011, for the second woman to testify, "K.M.," she said. Next week, a third woman, identified as "C.R.," is expected to testify about her own, similar allegations. Thomas testified Friday that there are no billing or medical records that indicate that Westbrook conducted breast or pelvic exams on C.R. on the three dates she saw him, March 9, 2011, April 6, 2011 and Jan. 24, 2012. Two other women who haven't testified yet, "K.N." and "A.R.," are expected to say Westbrook caressed or squeezed their breasts during visits. Thomas addressed their records Friday, too, saying there are none to indicate that either received a breast exam during their visits in October of 2011. Thomas and doctors have testified that it is important for physicians to document what they do for a number of reasons. Thomas said it is their ethical responsibility to the patient, and is necessary to remain in good standing with the insurance companies. Also testifying Friday was a director of victim services for a rape crisis center, who said it is not unusual for victims to delay their disclosure of sex assaults. They often feel ashamed or embarrassed, said Peggy Pisano of the Rape Crisis Center of Milford.
Source: http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-westbrook-1102-20131101,0,1649811.story

Nurse Home Visits Lead to Dramatic Drop in Emergency Care

nurse home visit Elizabeth Healthcare trauma nurse Terry Foster will be featured in Untold Stories Of The ER at 10 p.m. today on the Discovery Fit & Health Channel, and 9 p.m. Saturday on TLC. Foster, who has worked for St. Elizabeth since 1998,A plays himself as the cable channel dramatizes how he helped a patient in a small town hospital emergency room, the network says. St. Elizabeth has hospitals in Grant County and Falmouth, in addition to Edgewood, Covington, Florence and Fort Thomas. His story is one of three dramatic re-creations in the one-hour show. Heres the description of Fosters untold story: In a small town ER, Nurse Terry Foster is caring for a patient who recently had carotid artery surgery. When his incision accidentally bursts, blood sprays relentlessly from his neck nearly two feet in the air and all over the room.
Source: http://cincinnati.com/blogs/tv/2013/11/01/st-elizabeth-nurse-on-untold-stories-of-the-er/

EXCHANGE: Nurse navigators help expectant couples

1 in special issue of Pediatrics devoted to home visiting, looks at Durham Connects, a program that provides home visits for newborns and their parents in Durham, N.C. Authors Dodge and Benjamin Goodman, a Duke research scientist, found that participating families visited the emergency room less often than control group families and had fewer overnight hospital stays. The results held true a year after birth, well after the nurse's contact with the family had ended. The findings have significant cost implications because the price of hospital emergency room visits and overnight stays often ranges into the thousands of dollars. By contrast, the Durham Connects program costs an average of $700 per family. The Affordable Care Act includes funding for home visiting programs. In September, the federal Department of Health and Human Services announced $69.7 million in grants to expand home visiting services in 13 states. But home visiting encompasses a wide array of approaches. Many programs are intensive, multiyear efforts targeted to poor families that can cost $4,000 per family or more. By contrast, Durham Connects costs less because it is relatively brief and makes extensive use of referrals. The program was developed by Duke University in partnership with the Durham County Health Department and the Center for Child and Family Health.
Source: http://today.duke.edu/2013/11/nursehome

Palm Beach County school nurse's body found

They are encouraged to fill out the list and take it to their obstetrician-gynecologist. At 36 weeks, couples complete pre-registration at the hospital, tour the hospital birthing center, discuss breast pumps and are shown a video about epidural anesthesia, which provides pain relief during labor. When the woman is in labor, there's no guarantee that her nurse navigator will be there to help because she may not be on duty. But if the navigator is on duty when the patient is laboring, an effort will be made to get them together. Even if the nurse is working with another patient, the nurse stops by if she can, Bivens said. After delivery, the navigator is available to offer assistance regarding breastfeeding, information on infant health and to determine whether the new mother needs help at home. Most obstetrician-gynecologists support the program, Bivens said. "This fills a need," Slotky said. "Whenever we can get patients into the system earlier, it means healthier outcomes." --- Source: The (Bloomington) Pantagraph, http://bit.ly/16BB1Yg --- Information from: The Pantagraph, http://www.pantagraph.com This is an Illinois Exchange story shared by The (Bloomington) Pantagraph. Order Reprint Help us make comments better On October 14, The Sacramento Bee will temporarily remove commenting from sacbee.com. While we design the upgrade, we encourage you to tell us what you like and don't like about commenting on sacbee.com and other websites.
Source: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/10/31/5868148/exchange-nurse-navigators-help.html

St. Elizabeth nurse on Untold Stories Of ER

Baby Feliciano died soon after Jones gave him an injection. Just a few years later, in 1985, Jones was convicted of murdering 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan by intentionally injecting her with a paralytic drug during a routine doctor's visit. Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison. But due to an old Texas law meant to relieve overcrowding in prisons, Jones - who is suspected of killing as many as 47 other infants in a similar manner - may be released after serving less than one-third of her sentence. The only way to keep Jones behind bars is to find a new victim and get a new conviction. On Tuesday, Rodriguez met with DA Reed and her staff for three hours and then gave a statement to investigators for another ninety minutes detailing how she believes Jones murdered her son. "It was a really good meeting and I have a good feeling that they are going to put something together and keep this woman in jail," Rodriguez told CBS News. Chelsea McClellan's mother, Petti McClellan-Wiese, also attended Tuesday's meeting along with victim advocate Andy Kahan. "It is just a matter of right and wrong. You do not release a serial-killer, you just don't," said McClellan-Wiese. McClellan-Wiese has been working to keep Jones behind bars for 25 years, starting with the former nurse's first parole hearing shortly after she was convicted for Chelsea's murder.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57610475-504083/genene-jones-update-texas-da-meets-with-moms-fighting-to-keep-the-killer-nurse-behind-bars/

Nurse: No Billing Records For Four Of Dr. Westbrook's Accusers

Dr. Tory Westbrook Related Arts The Sheriffs Office said there were signs of a violent confrontation in her Palm Beach Gardens home in the 8200 block of 154th Road North. No further information on the case was released Saturday. Authorities say Lindseys body was removed from the home and taken to a remote area near Clewiston, where it was discovered Wednesday in a sugar cane field, investigators said. Following news of the body being found, Lindseys eldest daughter Sarah Lambert, 20, held out hope that it would not be her mothers. She described Lindsey as the best mother and the most loving person out there. Thousands of people lent their support on a Facebook page titled Find Kim Lindsey. Some on the page remembered her as a caring relative, co-worker, friend and their childs school nurse. She worked at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. Many attempted to comfort Lindseys daughters with words on the Facebook page: Our collective arms are around you and will remain so, one supporter wrote. On Monday, when Lindsey missed work at the West Palm Beach school, colleagues called deputies to do a welfare check at her home. That afternoon, the Sheriff's Office issued a news release saying that Lindsey was missing under suspicious circumstances and was considered endangered. Lindsey was last heard from after visiting her daughter Sofia, 18, at the Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, according to Lambert. She returned home from that trip on Oct.
Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sfl-body-identified-as-missing-school-nurse-20131101,0,4336991.story

KimLindseymissing660.jpg It was Governor John Connally, who was seriously injured in the attack. Then they carried in a second stretcher. I could just see a man from his waist down as there was a lady lying across his head and shoulders. A doctor told me 'we need you here. We were whisked into the Trauma One room where it was immediately clear that this was President Kennedy. I started to feel for his vital signs, I couldnt find any, there was no pulse. His eyelids were half closed, his pupils were fixed and dilated and his skin was blueish-grey, indicating that no oxygen was circulating. As the doctors worked frantically to resuscitate their patient, Mrs Kennedy stood next to her husband, her right hand on his left foot. We were desperately searching for any sign of life, but there was nothing, said Hall. The treatment the president received that day was outstanding but futile. I believe he was dead when he arrived at the hospital. At 1pm, Kemp Clark, a senior surgeon, pronounced the president dead. Mrs Kennedy did not flinch.
Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraphtv/10422457/JFK-anniversary-Nurse-recalls-feeling-for-President-Kennedys-vital-signs-in-hospital-after-shooting.html

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