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Brother Dies In Car Crash Rushing To Hospital After Sister's Suicide

St. Anthony Hospital, Warren Tech teach students about health care

The reasons cited for this choice in hiring filters is that the hospital wants to represent themselves as a place of health and well being, which they believe is not reflected in employees who are obese. The hospital has made official statements supporting the fact that this policy, which has been in effect for several years, is a part of their personal appearance standards. The hospital maintains that patients have certain expectations for the way that persons knowledgeable about health should look and that the hospital seeks to uphold those standards. BMI, or body mass index , is a ratio of height to weight that determines the proportions of a person and categorizes them based on what an ideal weight range should be for health. The method is highly criticized for issues such as failing to account for body composition. By this method for obesity determination, a body builder with an extremely low body fat percentage would appear obese. To many, including the outraged National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, this policy should be illegal because they feel it is outright discrimination. An equal number of readers may be surprised to learn that, at this time, the hiring policy is not illegal in Texas. Actually, the only state where it would be illegal to implement this would be in Michigan. Several individual cities also prohibit hiring discrimination based on BMI including Santa Cruz and San Francisco in California as well as in Washington, D.C.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/hospital-will-not-hire-employees-based-on-bmi

Mattingly and others who now operate tours at the site said Waverly Hills has a few popular ghost legends that generate the most inquiries from visitors. They include the stories of a nurse who committed suicide on one of the upper floors; an angry, unwelcoming older male; and the spirit of a small child nicknamed Timmy, who plays with balls that are placed around the hospital. Mike Flickner, a guide and paranormal investigator at Waverly Hills, said he has been convinced for years the place is filled with spirits of the dead. "I've locked doors before and watched them unlock themselves and open up. I've seen a tub of concrete slide by itself," Flickner said. Flickner and Mattingly acknowledge that some of the so-called sightings by visitors could be a case of the imagination playing tricks in a spooky place. During a recent tour of the grounds that included the underground tunnel known as "the body chute," Flickner explained that the infamous passage was used to wheel dead patients away at night so the living residents would not see them. "The doctors felt that, with the amount of death that was happening here at Waverly Hills, more patients were probably dying from a lack of hope rather than TB itself, so they had to come up with a discreet way to dispose of the bodies," he said. The tunnel, pitch dark even on the sunniest day, doesn't require an accompanying ghost story to elicit chills.
Source: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2013-10-30/former-tb-hospital-now-attracts-ghost-hunters

Next hospital will be in the north

Promotion tile: Weight Loss Guide Holman left the hospital to go to the accident site, and returned to the hospital where her mom was waiting. She just called me and asked me where I was, and I could tell in her voice that Ricky didnt make it, Holman said. This incident now marks the third death in the family in the past six months, Falbo said. The uncle said Ricky Tucker fatally shot his step-father in self-defense. The boy the one who just died killed his step-dad. They were shooting back and forth, and he killed him in self-defense," Falbo said. "The police let him right out of jail, because [his step-father] was shooting at him. Three people in one family killed in six months, Falbo said. These kids mother is going through hell. Need help?
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/28/ricky-tucker-car-crash_n_4169631.html/

Hospital 'cuddlers' add extra level of infant care

ROC 1021 MAIN 1A It will be one of four hospitals that will be built between 2020 and 2030. There will also be more community hospitals and nursing homes, he said. Mr Gan was at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals, which are expected to open before that, in 2018. The Sengkang complex will comprise an 800-bed general hospital, a 400-bed community hospital, and 200 "swing beds" to be used by either hospital. It will also be possible to increase the capacity of the hospitals temporarily when required, such as during a disease outbreak. "The co-location of a community hospital with an acute hospital will allow patients who require long-term but less intensive care to be transferred seamlessly from the acute hospital to the adjacent community hospital," Mr Gan said. The hospital will also work with community partners, including healthcare organisations and schools, "to create greater awareness of preventive care and thereby cultivate healthier communities" its press release said. It will come up next to Cheng Lim LRT station, about 300m from Sengkang MRT station, with easy access to amenities such as the bus interchange and retail complexes. An open plaza is part of the design, to bring the community together with cafes, retail outlets, seating areas and open spaces for various community engagement activities. Get The New Paper for more stories. Publication:
Source: http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/next-hospital-will-be-north

Hospital will not hire employees based on BMI (Video)

Montel and Dr. Oz Rotations include surgery, trauma, acute-care nursing, community health, food and nutrition, case management and clinical engineering, with students able to observe real surgeries, real cases and real situations. "We're giving these students unfiltered access to the health care world," said Vicki Harding, director of volunteer services at St. Anthony. "The goal of the program, right from the start, was not do another everyday program." "We want to help them decide if health care is a career they want to pursue," said Linda Efird, a registered nurse and instructor at Warren Tech. "It's really hard to get hands-on clinical opportunities for students. Medtronic Spine representative Ben Hill, left, and Brian Gibbs, RTR, talk Sam Thornton, 18, through the process of a spinal fusion Oct. 24, 2013, as he uses an instrument to explore a model spinal column at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood. The hospital and Warren Tech have joined forces to start a program called St. Anthony Ambassadors, which introduces promising high school students to health care professions. (Seth McConnell, YourHub) "This gives them an opportunity to go into a big hospital and be exposed to multiple levels of health care and really decide, yes, I want to work in health care." The idea for Ambassadors came from the top Jeff Brickman, chief executive officer of St.
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/arvada/ci_24411749/st-anthony-hospital-warren-tech-teach-students-about

Bangalore: Hospital not disabled-friendly

Rajanna, commissioner for disabled, inspecting Bowring Hospital on Tuesday. 1 Peoples Hospital hoisting signs that said uphold justice and guarantee medical staffers safety. China: Tiananmen crash was premeditated terror attack William Wan Police say they have arrested five suspects, apparently from the Uighur region, in the crash that killed 5. Trial of Bolotnaya 12 seen as sharp warning from Kremlin Kathy Lally Arrested at a protest on the eve of Vladimir Putins 2012 inauguration, the group could face up to 13 years in prison. William Wan Suspects may be Uighurs, an ethnic group that has clashed with Chinas government in recent years. We are still protesting and demanding that the government and the hospital management ensure the safety of the doctors, said a woman who refused to give her name when reached by phone at the facilitys emergency department. The protest came after a knife-wielding patient, who was being treated in the emergency department, stabbed the three doctors on Friday. Dr. Wang Yunjie died while the other two were wounded, Wenling police said. Attacks on hospital staff by patients have becoming increasingly common in China and some health experts blame it on the commercialization of health services. Once the medical system decides that its aim is to make money, patients will not trust doctors anymore, said Liu Jitong, a public health expert at Peking University.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/chinese-hospital-staff-stage-protest-after-patient-stabs-doctors-killing-1-in-eastern-china/2013/10/28/ea7a101c-3fa9-11e3-b028-de922d7a3f47_story.html

Former TB hospital now attracts ghost hunters

"The touch, the communication helps to promote better growth physically, mentally, and socially." 'It's just life' The hospital usually has about 40 volunteer cuddlers on its roster. For a volunteer gig, the position is relatively demanding, as cuddlers must commit for at least a year, and must work regular shifts on a weekly or biweekly basis. Volunteer Wilma Wood holds Erik James Murphy at the NICU of Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., on Thursday, Oct. 10 2013. (Photo: Carlos Ortiz, The (Rochester, N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle) But for many, the position carries tremendous appeal. "When I was still working, I heard a mother talking to a nurse, and she was very upset 'cause she lived out of town and couldn't come in all the time," said Wood. "And the nurse said to her 'We have a lot of wonderful grandmas ... that come and hold your baby.' And I thought that when I retire, that's what I want to do." So despite the scheduling requirements, there's always a waiting list to become a cuddler. Some volunteers have to wait for a year or more before a position opens up. About 10 years ago, when the hospital enlisted its first cuddlers, parents had to sign consent forms to be part of the program.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/29/volunteer-cuddlers-add-extra-level-of-infant-care/3294143/

Chinese hospital staff stage protest after patient stabs doctors, killing 1 in eastern China

Angel Rodriguez, 6,  of Sargent Shriver Elementary School, got more weight than he bargained for when he chose this particular pumpkin to take home. He and his classmates visited Sharp I want the police to remove them. These chairs are blocking the space, hindering the movement of physically-challenged people, said Rajanna. Rajanna then decided to inspect the toilets. He first visited the toilet for patients, which was in a deplorable state. He then demanded that the hospital authorities take him to the toilet meant for the staff of the casualty block. The toilet was locked and the hospital staff tried to delay opening it, in a clear sign of trying to conceal something. As Rajanna was relentless, the toilet was opened, and it was spic-and-span. I am not happy with the facilities at the toilet meant for patients. I want the hospital authorities to reserve one of the staff toilets for disabled people, and I want the hospital staff to use the toilets meant for patients, he said. He also visited the lift and found that it had no railings for the benefit of disabled persons.
Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/report-bangalore-hospital-not-disabled-friendly-1911205

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